Call for Nominations for Officers:  Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference

In keeping with MAACís Bylaws, I am issuing a call for nominations for the following officers:  President-Elect, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and Membership Secretary.  

I have appointed MAACís current President-Elect, Greg Lattanzi as the chair of the Nominations Committee.  During this yearís business meeting, Greg will replace me as President of MAAC.  Please contact Greg with your nominations, being sure to specify the office for which you are nominating someone: or

At present, there are openings for the positions of President-elect and Membership Secretary.

Per MAACís Bylaws, you need to have the consent of the nominated individual before submitting that personís name.  Self-nominations are acceptable and encouraged.

Per MAAC's Bylaws, additional nominations can be made on the floor during the regular Business Meeting, which will take place Saturday evening, March 17th, 2018 at the conference in Virginia Beach.   For any office for which there is more than one candidate, a runoff election will be held at this business meeting; and, an election will be held for the final slate of candidates at the same meeting.

Douglas W. Sanford, MAAC President
December 13, 2017